PTA Bateman MBE

PTA Bateman MBEWolverhampton Councillor (Wednesfield North)

I am delighted we have L&A Lettings as a business at the heart of Wednesfield North Ward. Why? Well L&A Lettings are very well organised. Committed as a business to bringing quality and improvements, to the private sector. The owners Lyndon and Ann have a 10-year record of producing high standards, across the whole of their  Black Country operating area.

Mrs. P Zaadstra

Mrs. P Zaadstra(Landlord)

L & A Lettings have acted as my letting agents for more than four years now. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Firstly, their level of professionalism at interviewing and finding tenants is first class. They are experienced assessors of people and their astute judgement of a tenant’s suitability is to be relied upon. They do not cut corners and they certainly understand this is a crucial part of their service. When tenants do give notice to leave they usually have the next tenant in and paying rent with a very short period of time.

Secondly, when repairs and maintenance are required they act quickly in assessing the work needed and also they are quick to organise the necessary work with reliable contractors.

It goes without saying that their high level of efficiency also means that I have always received payment for my property on time. I am currently living abroad and their excellent level of service has given me a great peace of mind. I know that they are taking care of my properties on my behalf and also listening to tenants needs.

I think L & A Lettings can be very proud of their high level of service. Their service is super efficient, and they have high integrity. What more could you ask for? Whether you are looking to let property, or looking for a place to live, I recommend them.

Mrs. T Williams

Mrs. T Williams(Landlord)

L A lettings assisted me in starting my btl business 6 years ago by passing on their knowledge/experience/connections, giving guidance on areas to buy in, assisting with viewing/purchasing of properties and vetting of potential tenants ensuring properties were tenanted asap, but more importantly with the right people.

What is unique about L A lettings is that they are contactable 24/7 all year round, no matter what time of day there is someone at the end of a phone and this service is for both owners and tenants, thus keeping you informed of any repairs that need doing which L A lettings can also sort out for you through their connections with trades people you can trust.

Highly recommended with very friendly and efficient staff who offer an exceptional service.

Mrs. A Deeley

Mrs. A Deeley(Landlord)

I have been a landlord for over sixteen years and in that time have managed properties myself and/or had an agent to act on my behalf. Without any doubt L & A Lettings provide the best service of any agency with which I’ve been involved. Their efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail is unrivalled. They keep in touch, let you know exactly what’s happening at all times and follow things up that need chasing. Their agency rates are very competitive and on top of that they are very friendly and easy to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone.

Mr. J Elwell

Mr. J Elwell(Landlord)

We have always thought of looking into the buy to let market as a way to ensure an income throughout our retirement but didn’t know where to start. From an introductory talk with L&A it became apparent that we would have made errors which would have cost us both time and money. L&A’s advice certainly gave us the confidence to realise our ambition and enter into this market. Lyndon sourced the properties for us and then his never ending list of useful contacts took over. I don’t give praise lightly but when it is due I indeed sing it from the roof tops. In Lyndons case I am 100% on the roof tops singing my heart out, his team and he run like a well oiled machine and to coin the advert off the TV ” they do as it says on the tin”. That’s one of the many things that impressed me about their setup, no over promising or un realistic completion dates just honest, sensible and realistic advice.
I have but one regret and that’s that I didn’t make the step years before.
If you are looking for a letting agent in and around this area you really have to look no further than L & A Lettings.